Would you be surprised to learn that individuals actually feel less stress at work than at home? Don’t believe it? Then check out two stories posted on NPR earlier this year.

Think Work Is Stressful? For Many, It’s More Relaxing Than Home

This piece, by Jennifer Luden, explains how Sarah Damaske, researcher and professor of labor and employment at Pennsylvania State University, studied a group of individuals whose cortisol levels, a biological marker of stress, were reported for three days.  Cortisol levels consistently revealed more stress at home.  In addition, women, according to Damaske, were significantly more likely to say they were happier at work than were their male counterparts in the study.  Read the article to find out why.

When Work Becomes a Haven From Stress at Home

NPR Science Correspondent Shankar Vedantam delves a bit deeper and includes findings from a nationwide poll that echos Damaske’s 2012 study that reveals work is less stressful than home.  The poll revealed that health problems, the death of loved ones, as well as juggling busy family schedules were often among the top stressors.