Changing diapers might seem like a chore that has nothing to do with sex or intimacy, but this psychologist and parent educator says one of the first questions she asks the clients she counsels is, “Who changes the diapers?”

In her article, “Changing Diapers as Foreplay,” Erica Reischer┬ásays a good way for couples to improve intimacy is to share diaper-changing duties. Over time, when childcare duties fall unevenly to the woman, it’s inevitable that the couple’s sex life will falter.

Reischer’s post on UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center website reveals that Dad may not be a slacker, though, it could be just as likely that Mom doesn’t like how he does things.

It’s more than a quick read, if you explore the additional links on parenting and romance featured on the page, but may be worth it. ┬áHint: No time to read it now? Visit the post now, and email it to yourself.