Writing Turbo Metabolism: 8 weeks to a new you has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things that I have done in my life: probably right up there with relationships, medical school and parenting.

The idea spawned about 7 years ago when I started seeing amazing  results in terms of metabolic disease reversal and reduced medication requirements in people that could lose as little as 5-7% of body weight. In 2013, I decided to start a small group-appointment pilot called the Diabetes Reversal Program to help patients learn the nuts and bolts of behavior change and lifestyle transformation over the course of an 8 week (32 hour) workshop.

Realizing the inherent challenges with providing meaningful actionable evidence-based information to our patients in a short office visit, I decided to start writing down my ideas to have them readily available for my patients. My goal is to provide an easy to read practical guide that is evidence-based to help our patients get the best possible information so that they can feel self-empowered to take back their own health.

The most powerful lesson for me is that we, as physicians, need to be well informed thriving role-models of health, wellness and vitality if we really want to make an impact on our patients’ health. Self-care is not selfish: it is foundational.

Dr. Pankaj Vij is an Internal Medicine physician for The Permanente Medical Group

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