Is your inner critic the loudest voice in your mind? Do you find yourself dwelling on your shortcomings far more than your successes? Is it easier for you to extend kindness and forgiveness to others than to yourself?  If so, you’re not alone. Even after years of spiritual practice, self-improvement, or therapy, many of us still find self-acceptance to be the hardest challenge we face. But there is a solution. (from the website)

What: A weekend with experts to gain insight on why you are your toughest critic.

Who: Kelly McGonigal,PhD (health psychologist and award-winning lecturer at Stanford University), Kristin Neff,PhD (author of “Self-Compassion” and associate professor at University of Texas – Austin)  and Tami Simon (founder and publisher of Sounds True, a multimedia company)

Where: Hilton San Diego / Del Mar

When: February 6 -7, 2016

Details: Click here for full information and to register.