What: Pound for Pound Challenge – For every pound KP physicians and employees lose collectively, Kaiser Permanente will donate a pound of produce to Feeding America®, the national food bank network.*

How: Join Go KP and opt in for the Pound for Pound Challenge. As soon as you register, you can begin the challenge by confidentially entering a starting weight and your weight goal. Then continue to log your weight each week through March 14.

When: Registration begins January 18 and remains open through February 8. Log your weight each week through March 14.

Why participate: January through March is a very busy time of year for physicians and it’s difficult to find any time at all to practice wellness – we hope you use this additional motivation to help those less fortunate and give your weight-loss resolution a kick-start!

Register: Go KP

Details: If everyone at KP joins the Pound for Pound Challenge and loses at least one pound, we can donate 180,000 pounds of produce, and that’s just the beginning. Up to two pounds lost per employee per week will count toward the pound for pound match. And if you don’t need to lose weight, you can still participate. Join the Go KP community and opt in for the Pound for Pound Challenge to support the efforts of your colleagues and watch the donation add up.

*The monetary equivalent of one pound of produce will be donated. $1 helps provide 10 pounds of produce secured by Feeding America on behalf of member food banks. Maximum donation of $20,000. Program dates: 01/18/16 – 03/14/16.