Imagine being diagnosed with cancer and then trying to find a support group that fits with the many layers of a physician’s identity.

“When I attended a regular cancer support group for the first time, I immediately felt out of place. While I was now a patient, I certainly had not given up my identity as a doctor,” said Michelle Quiogue, MD, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in early December of 2014.

Now a cancer survivor for two years and doing well, Dr. Quiogue, Family Medicine, Kern County, has taken on the administrator role of the new SCPMG Physician Cancer Support Community on SharePoint.

“Physician cancer survivors offer perspectives on cancer that are distinct from non-physicians and I want to remove the geographic barrier that keeps us from finding, connecting, and helping each other,” said Dr. Quiogue.

Whether newly diagnosed with cancer, a long-time cancer survivor, or anywhere in between, we invite physicians to visit and connect with colleagues at SCPMG Physician Cancer Support Community on SharePoint(Editor’s note: This link will work only if you are on the KP Network).