Almost everyone experiences problems that directly or indirectly affect his or her work at times. Kaiser Permanente recognizes that each individual contributes to the success of the organization, and that this contribution can be diminished or lost when problems arise, either at work or at home. The Physician Assistance Program helps doctors explore concerns and identify possible solutions.

The Physician Assistance Program is a free and confidential service for physicians and their dependent family members.  Physician Assistance professionals offer short-term problem-solving and referral on many issues, such as:

  • Work or personal stress
  • Adverse outcomes
  • Marital, family, or relationship difficulties
  • Depression or emotional concerns
  • Childcare and dependent care referral
  • Alcohol or drug use, your own or someone else’s
  • Anxiety
  • Getting along with people at work
  • Domestic violence or other abuse
  • Loss and grief
  • A colleague who may need help
  • Financial and legal referrals

Services Provided

Assessment. Problems often seem complex and hard to define. Physician Assistance professionals can help clarify concerns, identify changes to make, and recommend options for achieving goals.

Problem-solving in a supportive and confidential environment to discuss concerns. Physician Assistance professionals will help develop a plan to remedy a situation. Sometimes this involves referrals to appropriate resources for specialized help.

Referrals to help find the right resources. Physicians can get information about a wide range of programs, services, agencies, and practitioners, both within and outside the Kaiser Permanente system.

Consultation. PA professionals can also assist physician leaders with problems: personal or those regarding their department, unit, and staff members.

Education, training, groups. Physician Assistance professionals can conduct or arrange for programs on a variety of issues by request from departments or units, such as workshops on stress, change management and effective communication.

Crisis response. Physician Assistance professionals are ready to respond confidentially to individual crises or traumatic events that affect people at work. They also provide individual counseling, management consultations, and group services to staff after an adverse clinical outcome.

Physician Assistance services are available to all Kaiser Permanente physicians, and their dependent family members. No referral is necessary and an individual does not have to be a Kaiser Permanente Health Plan member. There is no charge.

All Physician Assistance services are strictly confidential, except for statutory reasons: to report a threat of harm to yourself or another; abuse or neglect of a child; and elder abuse.

The visit is not noted in a personnel file or medical record.

Using Physician Assistance is voluntary and one does not need be in crisis to use the services. One of our goals is to help individuals deal with problems before they escalate. A Physician Assistance professional will help define the problem, develop a plan of action, and follow through with clients to ensure that the plan is working.

Physician Assistance professionals are licensed, trained clinicians who have years of experience working with a wide variety of work-related and personal issues.

Office hours are generally 8:30 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday.

Appointments may be either in-person (near work or home), or by phone.

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