Your Physician Wellness Champions and local committee members are dedicated to promoting personal health/wellness and professional satisfaction among our colleagues. We are working to provide you with useful tools and resources to help you thrive in all areas of your life. We invite you to attend medical center events, and we also welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Antelope Valley


Ivy Amezcua, MD

I am interested in creating a new culture in our facility that helps foster wellness and well-being. Physician burnout is at an all-time high and we need to help create an environment that can offer mental, physical, and spiritual well-being through a variety of activities, events and lectures.

Baldwin Park

Krikor Deramerian, MD

As physicians, we have dedicated our careers to the well-being of others. However, in this pursuit, much of the time we neglect and fail to acknowledge our own: The shoemakers themselves have gone shoe-less. We have a unique career where our own good health allows us to teach and inspire our patients. The healer and the patient are one. In the position of Physician Wellness Champion, I want to bring our attention and efforts to improving the health and lives of physicians. This will take us to the next level of quality care for our patients. So we all Thrive. Together.


Naomi Morales, MD

Naomi Morales, MD

Our lives are busy and many responsibilities demand our immediate attention: work, family, and community. These interactions can be fulfilling, but may be stressful and draining at times. I envision offering a variety of options to re-energize our diverse physician community — from individual support and communication to group recreational events. As I strive to balance my own mind, body and spirit, I hope you will join me on this wellness adventure!

Ying-Jessie T. Zhang

Ying-Jessie T. Zhang, MD

“Wellness is achieved through happiness and health,” said Dr. Sanjiv Chopra at a Pri-Med conference I once attended. His comments stayed with me. Wellness is a conscious process of achieving full potential. Wellness is multidimensional and includes a thriving lifestyle, through exercise, nutrition and meditation. Wellness is when we come to work with a driving purpose and leave work with a smile. SCPMG physicians face many work-related and personal challenges, and many times we neglect our own health. Caring with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience can bring each of us peace and wellness as we work through these challenges.


Kent Miyamoto, MD

Kent Miyamoto, MD

With our organization’s “Thrive” campaign, I believe it is critical that we take care of one of our most valuable assets – our physicians. I survived a near-death experience in 2011 and have been on my own journey of wellness (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). Although difficult and humbling, I appreciate the gifts of perspective that I received and would like to share them with my colleagues. I am grateful that our organization is taking the steps to look after our physicians and I am honored to serve and be a part of a group of fellow physicians sharing this passion for physician wellness.

Alejandra Clark, MD

Alejandra Clark, MD

I strongly believe that a shift to a culture of caring occurs when we believe in ourselves, our gifts, and strengths. Change starts with you and it begins today. Let go of perfectionism and exhaustion as status symbol. Empower your resilience and self-compassion. We are all worthy of love and belonging! Reclaim your worthiness as a healer.  You and what you do matters!  I thrive by exercising, spending time with family and friends, and learning and incorporating healthy eating habits into my busy life. I also take time for mindfulness, meditation, and being thankful for the blessings in my life.

Kern County


Michelle Quiogue, MD, FAAFP

Wellness is not a destination, but a way of life that honors our biological pursuit of homeostasis, our spiritual struggle for wholeness and our social need for a welcoming community. Thankfully, as physicians, the challenges brought to bear by our profession can also be met by supporting one another.  I hope to serve my colleagues by sharing SCPMG resources, planning local programs, and strengthening relationships that maintain a culture of wellness at work.

Los Angeles


Nzinga Graham, MD

I practice wellness in many ways.  I do pilates for core strengthening and to prevent back injuries. For my cardiovascular exercise, I love spinning because it’s gentle on the knees. I also love singing, and humming, and spending time with family and friends.


Doris T. Waldron, MD, CPC

I am so happy to be a part of this physician wellness initiative.  My understanding of the importance of wellness came from a time in my life when it was missing… Years ago after having my third child, I was really struggling with stress, ineffective time management, sleep deprivation and overall lack of healthy habits. No time to sleep also meant no time to exercise, cook healthy meals, reduce stress. I felt like I was going to explode if I did not make a change… so I did (make a change that is, not explode). I felt like myself again and it was a huge relief because I really was afraid I would never find my way back.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with thoughts, suggestions, or needs.

Orange County


Crispina Chong-Han, MD

I am delighted to be helping my colleagues improve personal health, wellness, and professional satisfaction. It is my goal to provide you with useful tools and resources to help you thrive in all areas of your life.


Neel Doshi, MD

The wellness of our individual physicians is a vital sign we can no longer ignore.  I hope to help promote the sustainability of our practice through shared personal development and discovery.  Teaming together to innovate is the first step and I’m happy to take it with you all.

Panorama City

Angeline Ong-Su, MD

Wellness has long been a passion of mine.  I believe maintaining a healthy work-life balance, as well as fostering collegial relationships at work, are key to personal and professional satisfaction and prevention of physician burnout. I hope we can support one another in this endeavor.


Helen Joo Kim, MD

Helen Joo Kim, MD

Shane Williams, MD

Shane Williams, MD

San Diego

Our Mission: We are dedicated to promoting personal health and wellness, and professional satisfaction and engagement among our colleagues. We strive to provide you with the tools and resources useful in thriving in all areas of your life. We offer programs and services that bring physicians together to learn, to stay healthy and to relax and enjoy each other’s company.


Kathy Balazy, MD

I am a family physician and have been at Kaiser Permanente San Diego for 7 years. I am also involved as a faculty member for the Family Medicine Residency Program. I thrive by figure skating.


Neethi Ratnesar, MD

I am in the department of Pediatrics, and have worked for Kaiser Permanente San Diego for 12 years. I also chair the SD Women’s Health Leadership Committee and participate at the regional level as well. I like to thrive by running, stand up paddling in Mission Bay and traveling.

South Bay


Abtin (Abi) Foroohar, MD

Abtin (Abi) Foroohar, MD

I am very fortunate to be able to contribute to a culture of wellness among my fellow physicians. I feel strongly that an emphasis on our own well-being translates not only to better patient care, but also into stronger, healthier relationships outside of work.

Mark Song, MD Physician Wellness Champion

Mark Song, MD

My goal is to cultivate a physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy South Bay physician workforce. I hope to prevent physician burnout by humanizing our profession and by seeking meaningfulness in life through work-life balance. This role will also afford us an opportunity to unify the South Bay family on a grander scale.

West Los Angeles


Linda Mirdamadi, MD

I am delighted to be helping my colleagues improve personal health, wellness, and professional satisfaction. It is my goal to provide you with useful tools and resources to help you thrive in all areas of your life.

Wender5694267-OC 06

Jon Wender, MD

For so many physicians, myself included, living a healthy, balanced life that promotes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness is essential in creating happiness at work and at home. I hope to provide tools and resources to help you achieve both professional and personal fulfillment.

Woodland Hills


Satinderpal (Sunny) Dhah, MD

I believe that preventative care for our mind and body allows us to be the best [family member/friend/physician] for those we care for. I look forward to learning from the many ways in which SCPMG physicians perform this preventative care and I plan to commit my energy and enthusiasm in supporting my colleagues.

Justin Kane, MD

Justin Kane, MD

Throughout my training health as been about disease: diagnosis, treatment, prevention. My practice at Kaiser Permanente has allowed me to expand upon this definition. Instead health embodies the social, emotional, spiritual and cultural well-being of the whole community for whom I serve. Yet I am aware that physicians are a separate community with elevated pressures, decreased time and increased burnout. Through our efforts I hope to create a healthy community of physicians: to build deep-lasting relationships, to reinforce a supportive environment, and to have FUN.

Samantha Stein, MD

Samantha Stein, MD