You are invited to join the Pound for Pound Challenge, and give yourself the benefit of health – and many others the benefit of a healthy meal.

Take the challenge
The Pound for Pound Challenge is an eight-week program to help you better manage your weight by making healthy eating and physical activity a part of your everyday life. For every pound you lose, Kaiser Permanente will donate a pound of fresh produce to people in need across the communities we serve through Feeding America®, the national food bank network. If you don’t lose weight, but maintain the weight you started with, you’ll have the opportunity to donate too. Last year, KP donated over 57,000 pounds of produce!

Sign up and encourage others to do the same. To join, log into Go KP from your computer or mobile app, available for free at the KP app store, Google Play, or iTunes. Then click on the Pound for Pound Challenge icon to get started.

Registration opens January 2 and the challenge begins January 16, 2017.