Settle. Relax. Just be. That’s the intention – and sometimes the message – that comes through loud and clear when listening to a variety of guided meditation podcasts posted by UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC).

The meditation sessions, led by Diana Winston, director of Mindful Education at MARC, are recorded weekly, archived, and available for free.

Each week has a different theme and most 30-minute recordings include a few minutes of introduction, a guided meditation, and brief closing remarks.  Your webmaster found the meditation with Tibetan singing bowls particularly enjoyable.

Many beginning meditators, as well as some individuals with more experience, prefer guided meditation sessions (as opposed to silent) , according to Dawn R. Clark, MD, chief physician wellness facilitator.

If you’d like to quiet your mind and perhaps find your inner wisdom, check them out. And don’t forget to bookmark the site!