Finding Meaning in Medicine (FMM) are small group meetings that engage physicians in the personal exploration of the meaning of their work through contemplation, reflection, and ritual. The meetings tend to be in the evening at someone’s home, and, thereby, help build strong, yet informal support and collegiality among physicians who attend. Groups function of their own accord, led by the interests of the physicians who attend them.

Each area has an established FMM group. Below is a contact list, should you be interested in joining. Please note that you may join any group, not just the one affiliated with your medical center.

Finding Meaning in Medicine groups may also be started by motivated and interested practicing physicians, who are also grounded in the Discovery Learning Process and rules of Generous Listening. For directions on how to set up a local FMM group, visit:, or contact your local physician wellness champion.

Finding Meaning in Medicine Discussion Groups
Area Contact
AV Ivy Amezcua, MD
BPK Dawn R. Clark, MD; Debra Kasman, MD
DOW Naomi Y. Morales, MD; Michael Y. Chen, MD; Ying-Jessie Zhang, MD
FON Kent Miyamoto, MD; Rosalyn Milenkiewich, MD
KC Benjamin Ha, MD; Michelle Quiogue, MD
LA Ameeta Ganju, MD; Dori Waldron, MD
OC Ted T Lee, MD; Mina Kono, MD; Crispina Chong-Han, MD; Neel Doshi, MD
PC Christian Raigosa, MD; Angeline Ong-Su, MD
RIV Siobhan Gogan, MD; Shane Williams, MD; Helen Joo Kim, MD
SB Amy Walston, MD; Abtin Foroohar, MD; Mark Song, MD
SD Kathy Balazy, MD; Neethi Ratnesar, MD; Heidi Meyer, MD
WLA Jon Wender, MD; Linda Mirdamadi, MD
WH Sean Hashmi, MD; Justin Kane, MD