What do writing, speaking, and reading have to do with helping one to feel better and even feel more optimistic about one’s life?  Plenty, according to a recent article, “4 Incredibly Easy Ways to Practice Everyday Gratitude,” by Huffington Post Reporter Catherine Pearson.

Pearson writes that studies confirm practicing gratitude boosts well-being and improves sleep. Evidence also shows that it may also help improve the immune system. In the article, U.C. Davis Psychology Professor Robert Emmons explains that “gratitude makes life freer, lighter, and easier.”

Emmons, the author of numerous books on the subject, including his latest, Gratitude Works, says [gratitude] empowers us to take control over our emotional lives, and not be at the whim of others or circumstances.

So, exactly what are the four ways to easily practice gratitude?  Check out the article.  It’s a really quick, feel-good read we think you will enjoy.