If you’re a parent looking for answers to child-rearing questions, check out this assortment of TED Talks assembled by Pediatrician Robert (Bo) Riewerts, MD, Regional Chief of Pediatrics, Baldwin Park.

The 11 videos, from 4 to 24 minutes in length, include topics that range from a parent’s concern associated with how to raise a happy child, to letting kids pick their own punishment, to concerns from the aftermath of a perinatal stroke.

Speakers — some  lighthearted, some enthusiastic, another joyful, and yet another sad — are as diverse as their topics.  You’ll hear from a writer, an MIT researcher, a comedian, as well as a father diagnosed with cancer.

Dr. Riewerts especially liked the talk by Jennifer Sayer: For Parents, happiness is a high bar.  For a little more about Jennifer, read this piece on her new book, “All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood.”

Whether you choose to watch the videos from the comfort of the couch in your house, or during a healthy, brown-bag lunch (or potluck) with colleagues and fellow parents, we think you’ll find more than a few nuggets of useful information in the collection, “Advice to help you be a great parent!”