Many of us may recall one of Clint Eastwood’s famous lines, “Go ahead and make my day,” uttered with clenched teeth. How can we get through our daily practice with ease, grace, joy and maybe even a sprinkle of laugher? Pillar three will attempt to attend to those needs, as well as address some nuts and bolts of our daily practice. For some people it may be help with the in-basket, others want more information on how to have a successful appointment with a patient. For many of you, a successful day may be bonding with a colleague over lunch or having an officemate you can consult in a safe environment. Maybe you need to re-arrange your desk environment to make it more physically or mentally comfortable? How about adding a diffuser? Some pictures of your family? Some music? Did you know you can listen to music while you’re on this website? An overwhelming number of you want to learn about part-time status and flex schedules. If you are interested in any of these topics, this is your pillar! Please enjoy what we have for you and check back as we continue to create more.