If you ask 10 people to define professionalism, you’ll get that many different answers. SCPMG physician leadership has defined professionalism and reasoned that it consists of four principles: excellence, humanism, accountability, and altruism. In a piece published in The Permanente Journal last summer, they further explained that humanism breaks down into three principles: humanitarianism, respect for others, and honor and integrity. Michael Kanter, MD; Marc Klau, MD; and Virginia Ambrosini, MD; wrote, “The individual physician’s professional behavior influences his/her environment and the [environments in which they work and live] influence the physician.” This is why creating a culture of wellness is important to physician professionalism. As with any profession, it is not uncommon for us to get bogged down with our busy schedules. The pressure to address many complicated situations in rapid-fire succession, or sometimes simultaneously, may challenge us to remember our calling and our purpose. Sometimes we may become overwhelmed and react instead of respond. In moments of awareness, we can remember our calling and choose to invoke the professionalism that lies within each of us. We have a variety of methods devoted to developing professionalism at our disposal and we intend to add more.

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