Building, strengthening, and maintaining relationships among our peers, as well as the feeling of belonging to a community is appealing for many of us. Most opportunities for SCPMG collegiality will take place in your local areas. Please take the time to visit your local area page to see what your colleagues have arranged or what they recommend. If you don’t see something that resonates, we encourage you to contact your champion and propose an area of interest and volunteer to lead an activity. Our goal is to ensure that offerings are consistent throughout the region, yet allow champions to deliver wellness opportunities in a manner that supports local differences and interests. In the beginning, you may find several local web pages are more robust than others, but we expect those with less content will gain momentum and offer additional opportunities as our physician wellness efforts mature across the region.

Party planning is a talent belonging to the few. If you fall into the category of “gift-less” for this talent, we’ve assembled some party planning resources for you. For a more »

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