A physician shares his story as he transitions from emergency department expert to a patient with a serious medical condition and how that experience made him a better leader.

In the summer of 2014, Craig Mittleman, MD, was working late despite having respiratory symptoms that didn’t respond to traditional treatment. Before he went home that evening, words from the radiologist discussing Dr. Mittleman’s CT scan left the chairman of emergency medicine thinking he had to maintain control, while another part of him realized, “at that moment I would soon become a part of the system, as opposed to the physician who is controlling it. I would become the passenger, instead of the driver.”

This quick-read blog post, “Being a patient made me a better doctor and physician leader,” on KevinMD.com can help us all keep our jobs in perspective and may even help us be mindful that there’s more to being a medical expert than clinical knowledge.

Dr. Mittleman also blogs on The Shift.