Anthony Santilli, MD will discuss how he reversed his diagnosed condition of burnout through the daily practice of AMI MEDITATION and its allied disciplines during the 32-credit hour mind/body medicine CME conference for physicians and other health care professionals, October 23-27, 2018 at the Cranwell Resort and Spa in Lenox, Massachusetts. Entitled The Heart and Science of Yoga, this 10th annual comprehensive training, accredited through the American Medical Association and Albany Medical College Office of Continuing Medical Education, is designed to help identify, prevent and relieve physician stress and burnout.

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Having been diagnosed with physician burnout, I found the practical teaching presented at The American Meditation Institute to be the perfect treatment and cure for my disease.

— Tony Santilli, MD


American Meditation Institute’s 

Yoga of Medicine Program

Physicians – NPs – PAs – Psychologists – RNs

The Heart and Science of Yoga®

Comprehensive Training in Holistic Mind/Body Medicine for Clinical and Personal Application

32 CMEs • October 23 – 27, 2018

Cranwell Resort & Spa – Lenox, Massachusetts

The Heart and Science of Yoga® course presents a comprehensive training in the world’s most effective holistic mind/body medicine and its scientific foundation. The program combines engaging lectures, practicums, panel discussion and Q&A. Although recent studies have demonstrated that 75% of health care costs associated with chronic diseases could be prevented or reversed by lifestyle changes, many clinicians do not offer themselves, or their patients, strategies that encourage meaningful change. This 32 hour CME course will provide easy-to-learn practices that work synergistically (within the intricate medium of the stress system) to reduce inflammation and allostatic load while working toward establishing homeostasis.