One of the gifts we can give to ourselves is the gift of silence. Attending a silent mediation retreat is a way to deepen the practice of mindfulness in an integrated and embodied way. Silence provides a container that allows the mind to settle and the heart to open.

By removing ourselves from the busyness of our lives and unhooking ourselves from the endless distraction of technology, we begin to remember the joy of slowing down, and the beauty of being present to the world we inhabit. Instead of always feeling we need to be doing something, we can begin to let go and allow ourselves to be.

Then we rediscover the essence of who we are; loving, tender hearted and forgiving. We find ourselves closer to a sense of deep connectedness – to the movement of life in us and around us. Often in this container of stillness and silence profound insights spontaneously arise, and we remember that our hearts seek connection and are naturally loving and compassionate.

Come and join Susan Woods and Helen Vantine in the northern hills of California in July for a five-day mindfulness training retreat. Experience a time of refreshment, ease, joy and insight.

Woven into this retreat there will be periods spent on strengthening our understanding of some of the most fundamental aspects of teaching mindfulness. There will be guided meditations and yoga sessions that allow participants who are new to mindfulness and those who have experience in teaching mindfulness to experience some of the basics of all mindfulness programs in action. In addition, there will be evening talks particularly geared to aspects of teaching mindfulness-based programs.

Susan and Helen are mental health professionals and senior MBSR and MBCT teachers, mentors and trainers. They both have long-time practices of vipassana meditation, and have attended many silent meditation retreats as well as being graduates of the two-year Community Dharma Leader’s program sponsored by Jack Kornfield’s Retreat Center, at Spirit Rock, Woodacre, CA. In addition, Susan is a certified yoga teacher.

Dates: July 15 – 20, 2018

Venue: EarthRise Retreat Center

Petaluma, Califorania

Please visit to sign up.